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How to Maximize Sales with a Successful Abandoned Cart Email Strategy

Did you know that 69 percent of online shopping carts are abandoned? A Baymard Institute study found that every 3 customers that complete their transaction, it’s likely that you missed seven more that almost converted.

Imagine having someone make their way to your online store, took the time to peruse your offerings and carefully placed items in the cart. So why didn’t they make it all the way through checkout? They’re riiiiiight there!  

I don’t want you to leave money on the table. So how do you take an abandoned cart and transform it into a sale? View Full Article

110 Content Ideas For Your E-Commerce Email Newsletter

Online businesses use email to build awareness, convert leads and encourage referrals. Across industries, simply having a consistent newsletter is a great start to a profitable email marketing strategy.

But most e-commerce entrepreneurs struggle with one question: what do I say? What interesting topics can your business share that will get potential customers to open up emails and engage?

At this point, you’re no longer dealing with cold traffic but people who have opted-in to receive more information about what you do. Marrying email marketing and content marketing is a winning formula for showing interested subscribers the value you provide (without having to do a hard sell). View Full Article

why makers should switch from etsy to shopify. make more money online. online boutique. how to start an online store.

4 Reasons Why Makers Should Switch from Etsy to Shopify

*Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. However, I literally move all of my private clients over to Shopify if they’re not already on it and I really love the platform. I’d never promote an e-commerce tool that I don’t believe in or have not personally used.

If you’re using a marketplace like Etsy, your sales are being stifled! That’s because in addition to worrying about your product, marketing, shipping and logistics, you’re paying some pretty heavy transactions fees with a shop that you don’t even own. View Full Article

how to work with bloggers. influencers. youtubers. vloggers. how to make money with online store. online boutique.

How to Run an Influencer Marketing Campaign with a Limited Budget

Influencer marketing means big business for e-commerce.

It’s not only the fastest growing method for customer acquisition online, ROI on influencer campaigns have jumped up 63% since 2014. With gains as high as $11.20 per $1 spent, it’s no wonder why influencers are demanding big bucks for access to their audience.

After all, there are platforms dedicated solely to representing and brokering opportunities for these niche experts and social media stars with companies from HP and American Express to emerging designers and small accessories brands. View Full Article