110 Content Ideas For Your E-Commerce Email Newsletter

Online businesses use email to build awareness, convert leads and encourage referrals. Across industries, simply having a consistent newsletter is a great start to a profitable email marketing strategy.

But most e-commerce entrepreneurs struggle with one question: what do I say? What interesting topics can your business share that will get potential customers to open up emails and engage?

At this point, you’re no longer dealing with cold traffic but people who have opted-in to receive more information about what you do. Marrying email marketing and content marketing is a winning formula for showing interested subscribers the value you provide (without having to do a hard sell).

Using peripheral subjects (what I call ‘product adjacent’) are a great way to showcase your knowledge of your overall industry and build genuine rapport.

Knowing who your customer is (demographics) and what they need or want (psychographics) will complete the picture for how you can work your product offerings into the relevant and engaging content you send out. Plus, everyone loves helpful lists or relatable cultural references.

And I know what you’re thinking. It’s probably extra work and your to-do list is already beyond full. But stick with me!

By choosing a single (and simple) goal for your email newsletter, you can manage your time and it’s easier to build. Instead of waiting for the end of the month to pack a long newsletter with links, select on topic on one particular day and time every week for delivery.

Since most email click-throughs are for the first advertised link anyway (some reports showing as high as 90% of clicks) then you should have one focus per email. That makes these easier to produce consistently and gives your business the ‘top of mind’ edge it needs when a promotional season rolls around.

Remember: subscribers aren’t just a name on your list, they’re humans with dreams, goals, and fears. Building that relationship is extremely important when it comes to generating sales down the line.

So I’ve collected content ideas across 22 popular e-commerce niches to help you get on your way to creating a successful and consistent email newsletter. I’ve purposely constructed these to sound just like engaging email subject lines (hint: feel free to use them as such) so filling in the content will be up to your discretion.

Providing value is your first priority so if you’re not happy with your first draft, keep working at it until you’re confident that your subscriber would thank you for sharing it!

So what do you sell? Find your category below!

Office Supplies/Stationery

  • Can’t seem to get organized? A simple trick to streamline your day
  • 3 Productivity Hacks from Top Entrepreneurs
  • 10 Best Home Office Design Ideas
  • A New Way to Use [Product]
  • How-to Goal Setting Guide for [Season]

Home Décor/Furnishings

  • 5 Inspirational Living Room Designs
  • Modern Decorating: Doing More With Less
  • Best Party Playlists for Entertaining At Home
  • 3 Keys to Being a Great Host
  • Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid at A Big Dinner

Candles/Home Scents

  • How to Find A Signature Scent For Your Home
  • The Benefits of Aromatherapy for Stress Relief
  • 3 Ways to Add Life To Your Living Room
  • 7 Surprising Ways to Use Essential Oils
  • Can’t Find a Scent That You and Your Partner Agree On?


  • How to Get to Sleep Faster (And Stay Asleep Longer)
  • Should You Pay Extra For Higher Thread Count Sheets?
  • The benefits of silk for your skin and hair
  • 8 Life Lessons From Famously Early Risers
  • Do you really need a full 8 hours?


  • Why Professional Stylists are Using Less Shampoo
  • 8 Chemicals That Could Be Killing Your Roots
  • How to Get Flawless Color Every Time
  • What to Do About Split Ends
  • How quickly should your hair grow?


  • 7 Makeup Tips from the Experts
  • You’ve Never Seen [Product] used like this
  • 3 Shades of Blush That Should Be On Your Vanity
  • Which [Tool] Can Help You Get [Desired Result]?
  • What every woman should have in her purse


  • 5 Celebrity Skincare Secrets
  • How to Get Rid of That Pimple NOW in 3-Steps
  • How to Avoid a Breakout with Simple Diet Changes
  • 8 Chemicals to Watch Out for in Your Daily Cleanser
  • What Every Skincare Routine Needs to Have

Oral Care

  • Morning Breath? Fight it in 3 Simple Steps
  • Get those Pearly Whites even Whiter
  • How to Avoid Coffee Stains on Your Teeth
  • 5 Questions You Should Ask Your Dentist
  • Do You Have Healthy Teeth?


  • 8 Stunning Celebrity Wedding Dresses
  • Top 10 best Honeymoon Destinations
  • How to Choose the Right Centerpiece
  • What Dress Style fits your Personality Best?
  • Three Ways to Manage Wedding Planning Stress


  • How to Choose the Perfect Watch for [occasion]
  • The Difference Between X Watch and [your brand]
  • The 8 Most Expensive Watches in the World
  • 3 Essential Features of Every High Quality Watch
  • Why Every [Man/Woman] Needs A Watch


  • 8 Ways to Keep Your Jewelry Looking Brand New
  • How to Choose the Right Metal for Your Skin Tone
  • The Most Expensive Jewels Ever Auctioned
  • The Jewelry Trend Every Celeb Is Wearing Right Now
  • Copy This Look from (relevant celebrity)


  • How to Find the Best Hat for Your Head Shape
  • Should You Wear [Material] in [Season]?
  • 5 Key Features That Go Into A Good Hat
  • Why the [hat style] is so Popular Right Now
  •  3 Different Ways to Style this Hat

Men’s Apparel & Accessories

  • 5 Easy Outfits for any Style
  • How Slim is Slim Fit?
  • 3 Ties that You Can’t Live Without
  • Why Every Guy Has to Have One of These
  • 8 Must-Have Travel Ready Accessories

Women’s Apparel & Accessories

  • 5 Runway-Worthy Looks For Less
  • How to Find The Perfect Bag Shape for Your Style
  • Do Sunglasses Really Protect Your Eyes?
  • How to (finally) Find Clothes that Fit
  • Why You Can’t Complete Your outfit without this

Children’s Apparel

  • First Day of School Must-Haves
  • Steal these Celeb Kid Styles
  • 3 Ways to Speed Up Your Morning Routine
  • [Season] Gear for any Stylish Tot
  • Are these the Hardest Stains to Get Rid of?

Baby Products

  • MOMS! Make sure your Baby is using this
  • How to Baby Proof your Home (and still enjoy it)
  • 5 New Foods That Your Baby Should Be Eating
  • Do Baby Really Need to Have This?
  • 8 Mom Hacks to make Feeding Time Easier


  • If your Feet Hurt, this Might be the Problem
  • 5 Must-Have Shoes For Every Closet
  • What Should you Wear to [occasion]?
  • Shoe Care 101 (it’s easier than you think)
  • Top 10 New Looks for [season]


  • Three Perfect Reads For A [weather-related adjective i.e. snowy, rainy] Weekend
  • Hardcover or E-Reader? What’s Your Preference?
  • One Book To Pack on Your Next Trip
  • Words to Live By from Our Favorite Authors
  • Meet this New Author that’s Changing the World


  • Top Tech Toys for [Season]
  • 3 Cool Hacks to Use the [Product]
  • How to Extend Battery Life on [Product]
  • 8 Lessons [Popular Movie] Taught Us About Tech
  • What if this was Never Discovered

Health Food/Drinks/Supplements

  • 3 Ingredients that Should Never be in your Smoothie
  • Top 10 Superfoods for Optimal Health
  • Is [food item] Really all that Healthy?
  • 8 Ways to Use [food item]
  • How to Lose [number] Pounds Safely in 2 weeks

Pet Products

  • 5 Things Your Dog Can’t Get Enough Of
  • 3 Healthy Snacks for Strong Doggy Teeth
  • What Cats Loves Most About [Product]
  • [Season] Pet Care for an Active Lifestyle
  • 21 Questions for Your Veterinarian

Luggage/Travel Accessories

  • How to Pack With Military Precision
  • Top 20 Tropical Getaways for Winter
  • 8 Places You’ve Probably Never Heard Of (But Need to Go)
  • Why Planning Your Trip Is the Worst Thing You Can Do
  • The Three Worst Airports For Losing Your Bag
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