Who I am

The husband to a beautiful, inquisitive and ambitious wife.

General counsel to all of my friends (I should start charging…)

A jazz-enthusiast, clothing-obsessed sports-fanatic


What I do

Help clients bridge the gap between ideas and execution

Empower students to think both creatively and strategically

Push entrepreneurs to be more customer-focused (No buyers = No business)

Have fun! (major motivating factor)

Why I Love My Job

Online retail is amazing…

Unless it’s not working for you.

Then it becomes frustrating and burdensome to the point that you almost want to quit.

But there’s something that keeps you in the game: the confidence in the quality of your product, the passion to see customer’s lives changed, the hope that the glass ceiling is right there if you just reach a bit higher, that your breakthrough moment is within your grasp.

If that sounds like you, then you’re in the right place.

As an e-commerce business strategist, I’m sick of seeing frustrated entrepreneurs wade through the mire of e-commerce, with good products collecting dust on the virtual shelf.

And as I work with more and more clients to help them grow their sales, I’m realizing that one common thread is holding them back: they work in silos, thinking that “if only this ad campaign would pan out” or “if I just got the right press mention” then their business to take off. And though these things can definitely help, the truth is that they are only pieces of the puzzle.

My mission is to help e-commerce entrepreneurs just like you see the big picture, to understand that it’s not just the checklist of to-do’s but the vision and systems you build that lead to success in online retail. When you have a holistic view of how all of your business activities interact,then you can start to grow and scale like you always knew you could– but just couldn’t figure out how.

  • One client saw a 20% sales lift in a just under a month by introducing an email marketing program–but it was an integrated effort with a relaunch of a website and a more dedicated social media strategy.
  • Another used tactical influencer marketing to grow their social media following organically– and got a bunch of new leads and customers in the process by curating a live event.
  • Yet another went from losing money month over month to doubling their revenue and ending the quarter in the black, just by adjusting their pricing strategy and adding additional online offers.

You see, it’s not the sum of the parts but what emanates from your vision for your business and your knowledge of your customer that propel you in online retail.

From there, you can expect your following to grow, your systems to flourish and your sales to soar.

Now you have the chance to shift your mindset, implement effective strategies and (with a bit of good ol’ fashioned elbow grease) make more money in e-commerce. I’ll be here to help you along the way. 

To your success,