How Do I Know I Have a Good Business Idea?

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Ready to take the leap into entrepreneurship?

Well, not so fast!  

E-commerce is an exciting enterprise and growing bigger by the day. Shopping online is becoming the new normal and of course you’d want a piece of the pie. That’s a smart business move–if you can make it work.

The Internet has made it easier and easier to start a business. All you have to do is put ‘how to start a business’ in the search box. But it’s also easier to fail. Because no matter what resources you put into it, all successful business start with a viable idea.

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Should Your Brand Offer Discounts?

Discounts can lower the perception of your business and trains customers not to purchase at full price. Find out how you can ... #ecommerce #onlinestore #startingabusiness

We all love a good sale.

But it’s worth considering whether it can help or hurt your business, both in the short- and long-term.

When you price your product, you should always include a healthy margin. That’s one reason there is a major focus from an investor standpoint to keep costs down.

When you factor in materials, labor, packaging and shipping, you should include enough profit to take a reasonable hit based on factors outside of your control (economic downturns, acts of God and the like).

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