What do you want for your business?

What do you want from your business?

Answers to both of those questions start with what customers want from you.

Hi, I’m Thierry and I’m your e-commerce business strategist.

Online retailers face a ton of challenges in today’s market: competition and brand differentiation, pricing, customer acquisition and retention, and product expansion. With all of these concerns, it gets harder and harder to run your business, especially without the right system.

I work with entrepreneurs just like you one-on-one to maximize your sales online, using tested, results-driven strategies in:

-Brand Development and Positioning

-Content Planning and Strategy

-Email Marketing and Automated Sales Funnels


It starts with an assessment call to outline your experience and specific business needs. From there, we work on a step-by-step action plan (breaking down quarterly goals into 2 week sprints) to implement across six months of dedicated strategy. I help you tune into what you’re doing well, what you could be doing better and how customers will respond where it counts: sales. I simplify your marketing to help you maximize the value of current customers as you build a base of new, qualified leads. And together, we dig into your business to extract opportunities at every level that grow your online sales.


It’s invaluable to have him as an asset who understands the scope of what a business is capable of achieving, and how he can help it get there.

Wale Oyejide
Wale Oyejide

Creative Director, Ikire Jones


Thierry takes the time to understand the underlying foundations of a particular brand, product, or feature and deftly illustrates these concepts to the target consumer. He’s been great to work with and I look forward to doing more together.

 Adrian Azodi
Adrian Azodi

Managing Director, Monsieur Fox


Working with Thierry has been one of the best decisions I’ve made on my way to developing my own personal brand. He is an arsenal of ideas and a champion on how to execute each and every one of them. From the development stages to my current position as a self-employed photographer, he has provided me with intelligent insight, honest assessments, and has left me with self-explorative questions that, once answered, engineered the foundation to my brand.

 Stephen Obisanya
Stephen Obisanya

Photographer, Cultural Imprint


Thierry is equal parts pragmatic and creative. He works tremendously well in understanding the essence of an initial idea and in taking that to broader and deeper levels. He knows how to build a brand story and get things done with an astute game plan.

Alexander R. Sumner
Alexander R. Sumner

Co-Founder, Alexander Nash Bespoke


I was able to explain my thought process and Thierry helped me develop it into a succinct and cohesive brand message that is direct and understandable to my clientele.

 Francesco Serraiocco
Francesco Serraiocco

Founder, Francesco Serraiocco


Private consulting starts at $5,000 per month with a 6 month minimum commitment.

Can’t afford to invest $5,000 per month right now? Check out my coaching packages for a more affordable option.


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